Re-imagining Childhood

The Image of The Child

“Where Every Child Matters”

The capable competent child at St Anthony's Catholic Primary School:

  • Is a member of a community where their uniqueness is celebrated and their limitless potential is recognised, through experiences which encourage risk taking, creativity and independence.
  • Is an active, self-motivated learner who feels safe and empowered to wonder and seek meaning about the world in which they live.
  • Works collaboratively exploring and engaging with their peers, teachers and communities.
  • Will affirm God’s love for them guided by the Mercy Tradition, and, by their actions and interactions, use the Mercy Keys as signs of hope for themselves, for others and our world.

Teacher as Researcher

All staff at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School work with the students to develop knowledge and the capacity for deeply engaged learning practice. Inquiry learning poses thoughtful questions within a rich and creative environment where children’s thinking and learning is noted and celebrated. Teachers are heavily invested in the inquiry cycles within and beyond the classroom and encourage individual children to take risks and accept challenges.

“Children can give us the strength of doubt and the courage of error. They can transmit to us the joy of searching and researching . . . the value of research, as an openness toward others and toward everything new that is produced by the encounter with others. -Carlina Rinaldi”