Prayer is the way to enter into a two way relationship with God.  Through times of stillness and peace, students come to know themselves and then to know God.

Why do we pray? We pray to keep our balance, to keep our focus firmly on God, to know that whatever happens God journeys with us. Without prayer we can lose our focus, our direction, our sense of working with God.

To nurture our relationship with God we simply must be a community who know how to pray. The staff pray together once a week and classes share prayer time each day.  Grace before meals is one way in which our students learn to be grateful for all that they have and each day is concluded with a blessing.

Sacred Space

The Sacred Space is an outdoor area for reflection, prayer and just to be with nature. It is a part of our Catholic Identity and it enhances the way in which our students and community engage with the Creator.

Each learning area has a sacred space around which prayer is centred.